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Sonny Ryder


A former Ditch Student, Sonny studied Psychology at University of CA at San Diego where he earned his Bachelor's Degree. Sonny is proficient at navigating "systems," communicating with professors, and engaging learners. 

Sonny is also an excellent writer and editor supporting students in their writing assignments and college application essays. Most importantly though, Sonny is well loved by the Ditch community and always kind, supportive, and fun. As an international student interested in social justice, human emotion, and world events, Sonny's input and role on this team is invaluable. 

Jessica Jacobs


Jessica holds a BA and MA in Mathematics and Education as well as multiple credentials and state certifications. She has taught in the public and private educational systems at all grade levels, including college. She unschooled her own sons. One graduated from UC Berkeley at age 16 spending most of his time exploring passions of art, film, and music.  Her other son graduated from UCSD at 17 and then at Stanford University.  She has also mentored hundreds of students through early college while supporting individual projects that lead to successful careers.

Sage Ryan


Sage Ryan experienced a range of schooling options and found that no traditional or alternative model fit for all children. He began his own independent education and ended up graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Performance Studies and Art. Since then, he has been a teacher at progressive schools such as Brightworks in SF, Muse in Calabasas, Manzanita in Topanga,  PETALS, and Ditchschool.

Megan Greico
Paulina Phelps
Ariel Hoage

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