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Quillin School

CA Affidavit: 38684786154348

San Francisco and Los Angeles Counties

Quillin School (aka Ditch School) started in 2010 when Jessica's son, Sage, who was failing out of middle school took his first community college class. As a K-12 teacher for a decade already, Jessica supplemented his college coursework to round out his high school curriculum. 

Since then, Ditch School has graduated several students who went on to prestigious universities in the United States and abroad. Many student choose to complete only some of their high school classes with Ditch School, during summer or other breaks, and otherwise remain at their traditional public or private high school. Both college and high schools have requested details on our curriculum and that is what follows. 

Colleges we work with:

  • Los Angeles Community Colleges

  • Santa Monica College

  • City College SF

  • UC Berkeley

  • UCLA

  • UC San Diego

  • Post University

  • Ventura College

  • Coastline College. 

Quillin/DitchSchool utilizes California Community College courses to meet many A-G requirements, however, some students are not yet prepared or are not interested in starting college early. For these students, we use the University of California Scout curriculum. Detailed course syllabi can be found here: The two most popular classes are geometry and government. They are all equivalent to their comprehensive high school counterparts and are taught by a California credentialed teacher (single subject MATH and highly qualified HOUSSE social science, science, language arts, art, and PE).

We also utilize Silicon Valley High School. 

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