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Our Services

Whether you're turned off to school or need options due to practice or work schedule,
we are here for your every education need.

Kids Gardening

Homeschool and Unschool Support

Jessica homeschooled her sons, one graduated from UC Berkeley at age 16 spending most of his time exploring passions of art, film, and music.  Her other son graduated from UCSD at 17 and is now studying at Stanford University. Jessica can help families meet college entrance requirements while homeschooling or unschooling, often this is done with online college coursework.  She has also mentored dozens of students supporting individual projects that have lead to successful companies. 

Education Counseling and Test Prep

Have a support in the principal's office to facilitate accommodations or individualized programming.

Get assistance choosing a school or supplementing your child's education. 

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College Application Guidance

Our students have been accepted to dozens of national and international schools including Ivy League and UC's.  We will help you choose the colleges that best meet your needs and hold your hand through the rigorous application and essay writing processes.

Transcript Evaluation

High school drop-outs or struggling students come to us with various transcripts which we combine and enhance with independent study to achieve a high school diploma.  Students wanting to work as legal 18 can graduate early this way.  Early college is often useful for those who have fallen behind or want to work ahead in their academics.

Photo Studio

On-Set Studio Teaching

Jessica has been an on-set state certified studio teacher since 2005 and has worked on commercials, films, print jobs, and live theater.  She is sought out by many middle and high school actors for her independent study experience and college admissions support.


1-on-1 Tutoring: Math, Writing, Test Prep

Our services are customized for each client. We work in person or online and guarantee measurable results. Specialization in higher level math, essay writing, and CHSPE, SSAT, and SAT prep.

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